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Incident Management

Your roadmap to optimise the utilisation of your incident management system & structures.

Learning from incidents requires effort and commitment at all levels in the organization. Our Incident Management (IM) Roadmap gives practical guidance to design and optimize the utilization of your Incident Management system and structures. 

Training Courses &
Learning Events

Professionalize your investigation team and turn your people into specialists.

Learning from incidents is teamwork! Our variety of training courses and learning events add knowledge & skills to your investigation team(s) and its members, like incident investigators and analysts, leaders in safety and other non-investigating parties involved.

Investigation & Analysis

Worldwide deployment of
a accredited incident investigator and analyst.

In the case of having a major incident, it is important to start an incident investigation ASAP. To serve that purpose, our pool of professional and accredited investigators can be deployed worldwide.

Supporting Software Solutions

Proven software solutions to support risk & incident management processes.

Geniozz is your value-adding partner for risk- & incident management software solutions, like BowTieXP, IncidentXP.

Learning from incidents seems easier said than done,
and somehow you can't seem to grasp why.

Despite the companies' efforts to prevent incidents from happening, you, unfortunately, know that you have to take business disruptions into account, either with or without consequences.

Then, you want to investigate the incident to understand what happened, how it could happen and what it takes to learn and improve your business process to prevent incidents from happening again.

Despite all efforts and best intentions, it often shows challenging to get to the right underlying causes of an incident.

Corrective actions following the incident investigation are often more focused on quick fixes than on structural improvement of your business processes.

Learning from incidents seems easier said than done,
and somehow, you can't seem to grasp why.

A helping hand in learning from incidents

Geniozz offers you a helping hand!

Our Incident Management Roadmap helps you to identify areas for improvement.

Geniozz has the knowledge, skills, tools, and experience to support you.

We have the right courses to add expertise to your investigation team.
We help you to determine
practical and effective solutions.

Together we can further develop Learning From Incidents (LFI) in your organisation.

The practical tips that Oscar gives are very valuable. I am going home with a notebook full of notes :-)

Very pleasant and
productive atmosphere.
Working with own cases really added value!

One of the best classes I ever had!

Very dynamic course and a great instructor, not a boring 'sender', allowing me to learn by doing instead of listening.

Your professional partner in
Learning From Incidents

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