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24/7 deployment of
an incident investigator, worldwide

Structured and method based incident investigation

In the event of having an incident, someone may have been injured or there may be damage to property or the environment. But also in cases where there is no damage or injury, we speak of incidents, also called 'near-misses'.

In both cases (with or without consequences), the business process was not sufficiently controlled. It is therefore valuable to investigate and determine what happened, how this could happen and what it takes to (better) control the risks of the business process so that similar incidents can be prevented in the future.

Geniozz can help you, by conducting a structured and method based incident investigation, to gain insight into the deep-rooted underlying causes in your business operations. Based on the investigation findings, it is determined in close cooperation with stakeholders from your organisation what improvement measures are considered most effective and suitable.

A professional incident investigator
on location

Our service is aimed at providing an experienced investigator within a short timeframe anywhere in the world. Our investigators are able to function as a team leader. They can help you determine the scope of the investigation, the members of the investigation team, the tasks that need to be carried out, and the people that need to be interviewed.

The investigator will guide the team through a detailed analysis of the findings, leading to the identification of the underlying causes of an incident. The result is an investigation report, containing a management summary, a description of the incident, an explanation of the provided analysis tool, a detailed analysis of the incident, underlying causes, observations, conclusions and, if agreed upon by the team, recommendations.

We can add expertise to your team at different levels

Our investigator can determine their role in the team based on your demands. This way, the competence of our investigator is added to the available competencies within your company. For instance, if you only need an expert to facilitate a Tripod Beta analysis session or to review an existing investigation report, our investigator can adjust to that task. Our professional and accredited incident investigators can help you in the role of:

  • Lead investigator
    leads the investigation team and reports to the client.

  • Investigator
    fully participates in the investigation team as an external (objective) specialist.

  • Facilitator
    facilitates one or more workgroup sessions during the different phases in the process of incident investigation. E.g., our specialist can facilitate Tripod Beta analysis sessions or recommendation- and hand over sessions.

  • Peer review
    have second eyes on your incident analysis and investigation report to ensure and improve the quality.

  • Analyst
    conducts thorough meta-analyses of multiple incident investigations.

For immediate deployment of one of our investigators or if you want more information about our Incident Investigation Services:

All-round, accredited and experienced professionals

From incident to learning

From incident

to learning

Framework Agreement

No purchase obligation!

Incidents happen unexpectedly. Depending on the severity of and potential for learning from the business disruption, every incident requires specific follow-up.


In certain cases, you may desire to fully outsource the incident investigation process to an external objective specialist, like Geniozz. In other cases, you just want to add some professional experience to the investigation team or maybe just want to have a quality check/peer review on your incident analysis and/or report.

To enable flexible support on-demand, you can conclude a framework agreement with Geniozz. This way, based on mutually agreed terms and conditions, our professional incident investigators can act quickly and effectively on call in case of an incident.

Contact us to find out what a framework agreement can do for your organisation:

An experienced incident investigator deployed worldwide

Geniozz enables deployment of an experienced and accredited incident investigator on location, worldwide.

All our investigators are accredited and have gained broad international experience as lead investigator in various organisations, industries and cultures, like:

Energy sector  |   Wind & Solar power  |  Healthcare  |  Maritime  |  Dredging  |  Aviation  |  Nuclear industry  |  Process industry  |  Transport & Infrastructure (Road, Rail, Water)  |  Food and Nutrition  |  Construction  |  Mining industry (solids)  |  Oil and gas (up/downstream & on/offshore)

Supporting Incident Analysis Methods

We facilitate investigation and analysis based on the following methods:

  • Tripod Beta

  • FRAM  (Functional Resonance Analysis Method)

  • BFA  (Barrier Failure Analysis)

  • RCA (Root Cause Analysis)

  • Kelvin TOPSET

  • STEP (Sequentially Timed and Events Plotting)

  • SIM (Simple Incident analysis Method)

  • BSCAT (Barrier-based Systematic Cause Analysis Technique)

  • TapRoot

Tripod Beta is our preferred method. Our investigators are Gold Tripod Beta specialists. Most are also accredited Tripod Beta Trainer and/or Assessor.

For prospective Risk Analyses, we use the BowTie method. Just like Tripod Beta and BFA, BowTie is a barrier-based analysis method.

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