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Incident Management Support


How do you experience learning from incidents?

  • Are you happy about the way investigations are conducted?
  • Are you satisfied with the investigation findings and conclusions?
  • Are 'lessons learned' shared throughout the entire organisation?
  • Are proposed corrective actions structurally implemented? 
  • Do the implemented control measures actually improve your business?
  • Is that monitored?

Optimal utilisation
of Incident Management (IM) system and structures

Most organisations have their incident investigation structures in place. In practice, it shows not always easy to have that optimally utilised. As a result, the quality of the investigation outcome and recommendations does not always meet the level of expectation. And from there, ‘learning from incidents’ is bound for a challenging journey.

​Learning from incidents ... easier said ​than done (?)

Learning from incidents
requires teamwork
at all levels.

Incident Management Roadmap

Geniozz can help you to optimise the learning from incidents in your organisation. For that purpose, we have developed the Incident Management (IM) Roadmap. This roadmap provides practical guidance to serve a more optimal utilisation of your Incident management system and structures in practice.

Incident Management Roadmap
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