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Welcome! I am Oscar Diederich, founder of Geniozz.
Please find below, in a nutshell, my professional journey that has led to the founding of Geniozz.

In 1996, I started working for AdviSafe Risk Management. In my role as ICT coordinator, I was closely involved in the development and automation of several 'safety' related processes, like the Tripod Delta survey, the Tripod DeltaBase, the Hearts & Minds and automated checklists for audits and inspections.

I guess, during that period in my career, I got infected with the 'safety virus'. In 2006, I said good-bye to ICT and focused on projects involving BowTie, Tripod Beta, Tripod Delta and the Hearts & Minds toolkit.

Since 2006, I have travelled the world and investigated numerous incidents. In my roles of Lead Investigator, BowTie facilitator and accredited Tripod Beta Trainer, I have gained international experiences in a variety of industries like:

Energy sector  |   Wind & solar power  |  Healthcare  |  Maritime  |  Dredging  |  Aviation  |  Nuclear industry  |  Process industry  |  Transport & Infrastructure (Road, Rail, Water)  |  Food and Nutrition  |  Construction  |  Mining industry (solids)  |  Oil and gas (up/downstream & on/offshore)

Over the years, naturally, I got more involved in the development and facilitation of Safety Culture and Behaviour (SCB) related workshops for all levels in the organisation.

In 2018, being 24 years in business, I founded Geniozz. I am very driven to support my clients in their further development of 'learning from incidents', in close cooperation with my partner network.

Statistics for 73 conducted investigations since 2006:

Statistics are in numbers.

Statistics for the 70+ investigated incidents per industry
Statistics for the 70+ investigated incidents per country

Last updated: April 2019

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