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Learning from incidents
requires competence at all levels

Incident Investigation & analysis is teamwork that goes beyond just the incident investigation team.


For that purpose, we have developed a variety of training programs, not only for incident investigators & analysts but also for leaders in safety and other non-investigating parties who have a role to play in the overall process of learning from incidents (LFI).

We offer a wide range of in-company courses, workshops and master classes.

Investigating roles:

  • Lead Investigators

  • Investigation team members

  • Analysts

  • Facilitators

  • Peer review

Non-Investigating roles:

  • Responsible managers

  • Other leaders

  • Incident owners

  • Legal councillors

  • Union representatives

  • etc.

Geniozz tripod course reviews
Very dynamic course!
The practical tips that Oscar gives are very valuable. I am going home with a notebook full of notes :-)
Great instructor, not a boring 'sender', allowing me to learn by doing instead of listening.
One of the best classes I ever had!
Very pleasant and
productive atmosphere.
Working with own cases really added value, thanks!

Hands-on, educational
fun to do!

Geniozz tripod hands on educational
  • Our courses have a highly interactive and hands-on character.

  • Theory is combined with clear examples and challenging exercises.

  • Our trainers strongly focus on didactics and group dynamics.

  • Participants are encouraged to engage and participate and 
    will be challenged both individually and group wise.

  • Practical exercises are based on the participant's own case studies.

  • Our training courses are not only highly educational … but also fun to do! support

Coaching & Support

We know that learning does not stop at the end of a training course. In fact, actual learning happens during the first experiences in the field.

Find out more about our post-training coaching & support services that will guide you and your team during the further development of becoming specialists.