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Accredited Tripod Beta Training Courses
(Online & InPerson)

TBII: Incident Investigation & Interview Techniques Training

Ideal for investigators who want to receive investigator soft skills, advanced investigation & interview techniques and knowledge on designing and executing a complete incident investigation process.

TBAW: Tripod Beta Awareness Workshop

Additional non-Investigator module intended to familiarize management and other stakeholders with the principles of the Tripod Beta philosophy, supporting effective acceptance of Tripod Beta. Read more >>

TBAA: Tripod Beta Analysis Training (incl. Bronze accreditation)


This Tripod training entirely focuses on the application of Tripod Beta. Much practising using own cases to become more confident in understanding and applying Tripod Beta. Read more >>

TBPT: Tripod Beta Practitioner Training (incl. Bronze accreditation)


Focuses on the knowledge, mindset, tools and skills required to run a full incident investigation process using Tripod Beta. Read more >>

TBSW: Tripod Beta Software Training (IncidentXP)

This software training focuses entirely on applying Tripod Beta using the IncidentXP software suite.

TBRF: Tripod Beta Refresher Workshop

Accompanied by an experienced lead Investigator & accredited trainer, we offer trained Tripod Beta investigators the opportunity to refresh their knowledge of the method. Read more >>

TBMC: Tripod Beta Master Class

Challenging program for experienced Tripod Beta practitioners. Specific focus on deepening and broadening knowledge and skills. Read more >>

TBCS: Post-Training Coaching & Support

Our post-training support focuses on coaching trained delegates during their first experiences in the field. Coaching can be both at an individual level and group-wise. Read more >>

* The training courses TBAA and TBPT include the official
accreditation for Tripod Beta Bronze Practitioner

We also deliver online Tripod Beta training courses in a highly interactive Virtual Classroom setting! 

Official Tripod Beta training courses provided by Geniozz
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The Geniozz Tripod  Beta Roadmap ... easy practical guidance

Our Tripod Beta training programs provide a simple and easy-to-follow ‘1-2-3’ approach to building Tripod Beta analyses. This allows even newly trained Tripodeans to apply the Tripod method for any incident or business disturbance, no matter its complexity.

As part of the training material, participants will receive their copy of the handy pocket-sized ‘Geniozz Tripod Beta Roadmap’, with 44 pages covering all fundamentals and easy practical guidance. This roadmap has proven to be a handy reference for investigators during incident investigation and analysis in the field.

Tripod Beta Roadmap, practical guidace for Tripod investigators
Tripod Beta Roadmap
Tripod Beta Accreditation

Tripod Accreditation

  • The Stichting Tripod Foundation (STF) has created accreditations for Tripod Beta users, trainers and assessors.

  • The implementation of the (in this case) user accreditation is provided by Geniozz in the form of a 'knowledge test' on the last day of the Tripod Beta training. Note: this test only applies to the 3 and 4-day courses. 

  • If this test is successfully completed, the participant will achieve the Tripod Beta Bronze Practitioner status.

  • For additional information about the accreditation process (Silver and Gold), we refer to the Energy Institute (EI) website.

  • The EI provides the secretariat for all accreditations on behalf of STF.

I want to become
an accredited practitioner

Our Tripod trainers are accredited
and have gained
broad international experiences
as a lead investigator.

Tripod Beta Energy Institute - Tripod Foundation
Tripod Beta Certified Courses
Tripod Beta method course materials
certified courses

Official Accredited Tripod Training

Certified Tripod Beta traning courses
  • The 'Stichting Tripod Foundation' (STF) is the official guardian of the Tripod philosophy. All our Tripod Beta training courses are certified by the STF

  • Participants will receive a comprehensive training package. The materials include the official Tripod Beta User Guidance, which the Energy Institute publishes on behalf of the STF.

  • In addition to the official course materials, participants receive our handy pocket-size 'Tripod Beta Roadmap', which contains all the necessary information and practical tools for applying Tripod Beta in the field. This practical Roadmap has been developed by Geniozz and is considered indispensable by many as a perfect tool to guide investigators during their first experiences with Tripod Beta in the field.


Tripod Beta Course Outlines

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